Professional Services

Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Professional Services

Our expert machine learning engineers have years of hands-on knowledge in various areas of AI services, including data mining, data exploration, machine learning, deep neural networks, plotting, and other technologies that enables us to not only develop, train and fine-tune state-of-the-art models, but also to deploy and integrate end-to-end AI solutions that suits your business goals.

Here are some of the tools that we have already used:

  • Data Preparation: Numpy, Pandas, SKLearn
  • Machine Learning Algorithms: SKLearn
  • Deep Learning: Tensorflow, Keras
  • Visualisation: Matplotlib, Plotly
  • Natural Language Processing: FastText, Spacy, NLTK
  • API Creation: FastAPI, Falcon, uvicorn, gunicorn
  • Data Layer: MySQL, MongoDB
  • Infrastructure: AWS, Docker, Ubuntu

Benefits of becoming a Cosmos Thrace service partner:

  • Trust and Transparency – We believe in trust and transparency for the long-term relationship among our consulting partners to mitigate issues or discrimination.
  • Growth Opportunities – We believe in exploring the business opportunities together by sharing professional expertise in different areas of development.
  • Shared Resources – We believe that shared resources can enhance our knowledge in building more efficient and cost effective solutions
  • Giving Room for Learning – We believe in creating better experience for our service partners by giving them the flexibility to learn with us and explore ways of implementing technologies.

We are always eager to learn new technologies and better approaches if they fit your specific use case, and adjust our stack accordingly!

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Our solutions can be easily scaled up or down, in line with your organization’s specific requirements and future needs. We build solutions that work the way your work.

We at Cosmos Thrace believe in continues improvement, reusing components/integrations and follow the industry best practice configuration to improve your business services/processes to increase efficiency, and reduce costs.